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Simple is a clone of Obtvse written in Python running on Flask.

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A clone of Obtvse.


The point of Simple is to be simple. The blog is 1 file (excluding resources) with a few simple pure-python dependancies (Flask, Sqlalchemy, Markdown), it doesn't require a database server, has a small footprint and is very fast (Can easily handle 300+ requests per second).


  • Markdown goodness, no clutter or fuss when writing your posts
  • Lightweight and simple
  • Supports Disqus comments, Google Analytics and custom fonts (from google's font library)
  • Drag and drop uploads
  • Includes several Markdown extensions:


Its quite simple. Go download Python 2.7+, clone this repository and then run 'pip install -r requirements.txt'. Then create a settings file by running and then run If you want to add a favicon to your blog then drop one (make sure its called 'favicon.ico') in the static folder and restart simple.


Updates to simple may add, remove or alter settings. Simple ships with a script called which can update settings files with changes. To do this run "" again and you will only be prompted for settings that are not present in the existing file.


Deploying Simple is easy. Simply clone this repo (or your own) and install Gunicorn. Then cd to the directory containing and run the following command: gunicorn -w 4 simple:app This will start 4 gunicorn workers serving Simple. You can then use nginx or apache to forward requests to Gunicorn.


You can see my blog running this software here.





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