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Contribution Guidelines

One of the goals of this repo is to make sure that the data is as update-to-date as possible, so please feel free to make additions to the dataset as current events unfold!

To contribute, please use pull requests to add to the repo so that new additions can be checked for formatting, accuracy and validity.

This document will cover how to contribute:

  1. Defining Collective Action
  2. Github Steps
  3. Data Fields
  4. Formatting Guidelines
  5. Developer Features

Defining Collective Action

Events must be "collective" and contain "evidence of action" by currently or recently employed "tech workers". All events must be publicly reported on in a publication.

(1) "Collective". Must involve a minimum of two employees who recognize themselves as a group united by a shared cause and/or issue. The cause and/or issue should be relevant to a broader public, defined as a community which is not directly related to the company through employment or financial ties. The broader public does not include company shareholders, businesses with shared interests, or owners of company property, which include consumers of company products. An action that would typically not be deemed relevant to a broader public on its own merit may qualify if the group presents an argument that it is occurring in response to a cause and/or issue that is relevant to a broader public (e.g. an employee who is believed to have been fired as retaliation for a recent protest).

(2) "Evidence of action". Must involve an attempt to present the cause and/or issue outside of the immediate group. Actions may be either internal (available or visible only to other employees) or external (available or visible to the broader public). Lawsuits may be be included if they are granted class action status or if they incite additional collective action.

(3) "Tech workers". Defined as current or recently employed (within the last year) workers in the tech industry. Tech industry includes but is not limited to information technology, Internet, hardware, software. Does not include adjacent industries, e.g. digital media (e.g. Vox, Buzzfeed) or the video game industry (unless the company's primary business is in any of the above categories, e.g. Niantic). Does include online retailers (e.g. Amazon, Wayfair) and social media companies.

If you are unsure about whether an action fits the definition, we encourage you to contribute anyways! We are always interested in hearing about new types of collective actions. The above definition may evolve over time.

Github Steps to Contributing

Here are the basic steps to adding a new action using a pull request:

  1. Create a new event under the '/actions' folder in the root directory on
  2. Create a new branch (with the event name you want to add in the branch title), and open a pull-request.
  3. Make a pull request from the branch you've created into the master branch.

Data Fields

When adding a new action, collect data on the following fields. If one or more of the fields are not applicable, you can omit the field. However, you cannot add a new field at this time. If there is additional information you'd like to include, add it in the description field.

Take note of the plurality of the fields. action is singular while sources is plural.

Field Required Type Description
date True YYYY-MM-DD While the date may seem trivial, collecting dates may be comlex for multi-day events such as pickets or online petitions. In this repo, we collect only the start date of the action in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
sources True List(url) The url(s) of reliable sources that has reported on this event.
action True str What was the form of the action that took place? (union_drive, union_representation, open_letter, strike, protest, legal_action)
struggles True List(str) The kind of struggle workers are standing up against. (pay_and_benefits, working_conditions, unfair_labor_practices, job_security, ethics, discrimination)
description True str A short paragraph describing the event where you can include information that isn't covered in the fields above. Multiple paragraphs are not allowed in this field.
locations False List(str) The location(s) of the action, or whether it was online.
companies False List(str) Which company are workers are standing up against? Some moments of worker power may not have an associated company. For example, online petitions or a protests against the president may consist of workers from an amalgamation of companies. In which case we can omit this field.
workers False int The number of workers active in the action. Since we're only looking at collective actions, the number must be more than 1. Sometimes the sources do not state a concrete number when reporting. In those cases, lean on the conservative side. For example: "Hundreds of Uber drivers..." --> 100
tags False List(str) Tag the event with a term or word that you feel is relevant but not captured by the other fields. One good thing to add is the kind of worker who is taking action. Please see below for more information on tags.

In the table above, action and struggles must contain only the following values:

Fields Valid Values
action strike, protest, open_letter, legal_action, union_drive, union_represenation
struggles ethics, pay_and_benefits, working_conditions, discrimination, unfair_labor_practices, job_security

If any of the following tags are applicable, please add them to the action:

white_collar_workers, blue_collar_workers, contract_workers, factory_workers, informal_workers, independent_contract_workers, coworker_solidarity, delivery_workers, industry_solidarity, international_solidarity, food_service_workers, lgbtq, funding_raising, mijente, lgtbq, temporary_workers_of_america, military_contracts,trade_war, seiu, law_enforcement, sexism, muslim_registry, janitors, rideshare_workers, academics, moderators, gig_workers_rising, twc, drivers, security_guards, technicians, unite_here, climate_change, ice, ai, trump, retaliation, cbp, teamster, immigration, students


When adding an update to the README, use the provided html code below to add a action. Copy and paste the html snippet under the opening <div> tag in the README.

- date: 2018-01-01
- sources: https://www.your.valid/source1, https://www.your.valid/source2
- companies: amazon
- action: protest
- struggles: ethics, discrimination
- workers: 1000
- description: Thousands of people protest a military contract in Queens.
- locations: new_york
- tags: military_contract, delivery_workers
- author: organizejs

Please note the following aspects:

  • If you would like your github username affiliated with the action you added, add an attribute author in the <table> tag with your github username. If you wish to remain anonymous, skip this step. Keep in mind, your github username will be affiliated with the PR.
  • If you add multiple values to a field, make sure the values are comma-seprated. For example, if two types of struggle were involved in the action, it would look like so: pay_and_benefits, working_conditions
  • DO NOT add additional fields to the file. If you wish to include other information, add it in the description field or as a tag.

Making A Pull Request (PR)

You can learn about how to make a pull request here.

When you make a pull request, the request will trigger an Azure pipeline to kick off where it will perform the following:

  1. Test that the addition that was made complies with the data fields outlined above - if it does not comply, the Azure pipeline will block the merge.
  2. Cleans up the files in /actions
  3. Updates the including total actions
  4. Updates the actions.csv file so that the file is up-to-date

The cleanup/update uses the file described in the "Developer Feature" section below

Shortly after the PR is accepted, you should see your newly added action on the website. The website relies on the actions.csv file, so as soon as that file is updated in the CI pipeline, the action should also be reflected on the website.

Developer Features

This repository comes with a located in the root directory.

You can use this script to clean up the files in /actions, update the readme or the csv file.

# Update files in action folder
$ python --files-cleanup

# Update actions.csv based on files
$ python --files-to-csv

# Update based on files
$ python --files-to-readme
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