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Project MOVED

OrientDB JDBC driver has been moved to OrientDB core modules:

OrientDB JDBC Driver

OrientDB ( is a NoSql DBMS that support a subset of SQL ad query languge.
This project is an effort to develop a JDBC driver for OrientDB

Include in your projects

Orient-jdbc are deployed on sonatype’s maven repository. At the moment only snapshots are available, so

com.orientechnologies orientdb-jdbc 1.0-SNAPSHOT

How to build

Orient-jdbc uses maven, so do a

mvn install

How to build a jar-with-dependencies

Do a

mvn assembly:assembly

to obtain a jar with dependency included under target directory.

Just copy orientdb-jdbc-1.0-SNAPSHOT-all.jar to your classpath.

It is very usefull to include under applications such as DBVisualizer.

How can be used in my code?

The driver is registerd to the Java sql DriverManager and can be used to work with all the OrientDB database types: memory, local or remote.
The driver’s class is com.orientechnologies.orient.jdbc.OrientJdbcDriver.

Use your knowledge of JDBC API to work against OrientDB.

First get a connection

Properties info = new Properties();
info.put("user", "admin");
info.put("password", "admin");

Connection conn = (OrientJdbcConnection) DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:orient:remote:localhost/test", info);

Then execute a Statement and get the ResultSet

Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();

ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT stringKey, intKey, text, length, date FROM Item");;




The driver retrieve Orient metadata (rid,class and @version) only on direct queries.
Take a look at tests code to see more detailed examples.