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A web app that uses the GIPHY API to make a dynamic web page that populates with gifs of your choice.


I decided to use CSS Grid and Flexbox instead of Bootstrap to get more experience and reduce the amount of HTML code.

App Checklist

  • The app creates buttons based on a topics array.
  • When the user clicks on a button, a page loads 10 gif stills (not animated) on the page.
  • When the user clicks on the image, it plays the gif animation.
  • When the user clicks on the same image again, the animation stops and reverts to the still image.
  • Each gif should display a rating (PG, G, etc.)
  • A text box on the side of the page is filled with the topic when a button is clicked.
  • The user can add their own topic to display 10 gifs after they click the submit button. The value is also added to the topics array and added as a new button.

Bonus Goals

  • Allow users to request an addition 10 gifs to be added to the page.
    • I added an imgOffset attribute to each topic button.
    • When the topic button is pressed the imgOffset value is passed to the API function and added to the "&offset=" + offset" string.
    • Finally the imgOffset attribute is increased by 10.
  • For the second API I will use the Wikipedia MediaWiki API Main Page
    • API Endpoint:
    • JSON Example
  • For searching a place I used Here's Free-text Search API to find info about the topic.
  • Will also try Wikipedia REST API

localStorage() Setup

  • I created an empty favTopics variable.
  • Used .indexOf() to make sure no duplicates can be pushed into the array.
  • localStorage() does not store arrays so you will need to use JSON.stringify to make it work.
    var favTopics = JSON.parse(localStorage["mytopics"]); \\ Global Variable
    localStorage["mytopics"] = JSON.stringify(favTopics);

Other Programming Notes

  • To have text wrap based on the image width I found that I needed to use width: min-content on my card class. DOESN'T WORK on Microsoft Edge though , just Chrome and Firefox.
  • Always add $(document).ready(function() {}) to a jQuery script
  • Add validation, such as if there is no string in the input don't do anything.
  • Any element generated after the listening event is created must have a different kind of event listener
    // click event for generated element
    $(document).on("click", ".card", function() {
        alert("Image Clicked");
  • You can add a rating, limit, and offset to the GIPHY API cURL (Client URL) line
var queryURL = "" + imgQuery 
                                                        + "&api_key=" + apikey 
                                                        + "&rating=" + rating 
                                                        + "&limit=" + searchLimit
                                                        + "&offset=" + offset;
  • For custom attributes I use data-, as referenced in HTML data-* Attributes

  • I created the custom attribute data-active and data-imgoffset

    • The topic buttons have the attribute data-active with true or false. If it's true then 10 more gifs are added. If False the gifs are emptied to start a new 10 gifs.
    • The topic buttons also have the attribute data-imgoffset. If the same topic button is selected the value is incremented by 10.
  • To change CSS styles dynamically I used the .css() method.

    • Ex: $(this).css({"background-color": "gray"});

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A web app that uses the GIPHY API to make a dynamic web page that populates with gifs of your choice.






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