Vagrantfile to provision Internet Explorer debugging environments
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Vagrant IE

This project features a Vagrantfile to provision various Internet Explorer environments for debugging. It's using the free Microsoft VMs and configures them to use the host DNS resolver and proxy configuration. It additionally supports the provisioning of the guests hostfile, so that you don't need to fiddle with system settings if you just want to crackdown a bug.


  • Using host DNS resolver, proxy
  • Provision guest hostfile


There are a few things you need before you can start debugging. Please make sure you've installed and properly configured the following software:

Start, Stop, Destroy

Use the following command to download, create and provision your debugging environments.

$ vagrant up ${environment}

Available environments: vista-ie7, w7-ie8, w7-ie10, w7-ie11, w8-ie10, w8.1-ie11, w10-edge

Use the following command to stop/halt the environment.

$ vagrant halt ${environment}

If you want to start over, use the following command to shut down the running environment and destroy all resources created during the machine creation process.

$ vagrant destroy ${environment}

For a full list of commands and vagrant options, please see: ([]



You can either adjust the hostfile.erb to your needs or use a different template by defining the DEBUG_IE_HOSTSFILE_TEMPLATE environment variable.

Note: always points to the host environment.

Example: Docker Host (docker-machine)

This example illustrates how to use a custom template to point the debug environment to local running docker-machine.

  1. Create a file named dockerhost.erb with the new template by running this command:
$ echo "<%= ENV['DOCKER_HOST'][/([\d.]+)/,1] %> example.docker" > dockerhost.erb
  1. Define the `DEBUG_IE_HOSTSFILE_TEMPLATE environment variable and point it to the new template.
$ export DEBUG_IE_HOSTSFILE_TEMPLATE="$(pwd)/dockerhost.erb"
  1. Use the following command creates and provisions the debugging environments.
$ vagrant up ${environment}