Scala starter bot for Vindinium
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Scala starter pack for the Vindinium AI challenge

Develop / run

sbt -Dkey=mySecretKey

Training mode, 30 turns:
> run training 30

Arena mode, 10 games:
> run arena 10

Package as single jar

From sbt, run:

> one-jar

You can now run the application without sbt:

java -Dkey=mySecretKey -jar target/scala-2.10/vindinium-bot_2.10-0.1-one-jar.jar arena 3

A bash alias can make it prettier:

alias vindinium="java -Dkey=mySecretKey -jar target/scala-2.10/vindinium-bot_2.10-0.1-one-jar.jar"

You can now run your bot like that:

vindinium arena 3