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Orocos Real-Time Toolkit
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meyerj Merge pull request #295 from orocos-toolchain/fix/tlsf-warnings
Fix compiler warnings for discarded return values in tlsf
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config Merge pull request #240 from orocos-toolchain/fix_win32_dll May 4, 2018
doc doc:add diagrams explaining the new/improved execution semantics Apr 12, 2015
env-hooks use another variable name for CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH entries Oct 26, 2017
rtt tlsf: fix compiler warnings for discarded return values Jun 27, 2019
tests rtt-config.h: introduce RTT_UNUSED macro and use it consistently to s… May 16, 2019
tools tools/scripts: fixed shebang in and removed set-aut… Apr 17, 2019
.gitignore git: update .gitignore file list. Feb 4, 2011
.travis.yml travis: enable omniORB exception tracing Jul 19, 2018
AUTHORS Update email addresses. Oct 5, 2007
CMakeLists.txt Merge branch 'master' into updated-dataflow-semantics-rebased Dec 6, 2017 Fuse copyright statements and convert them to markdown Apr 17, 2019
ChangeLog doc: update link to gitorious. Apr 29, 2011 doc: Update to version 1.8.11 and enable EXTRACT_ALL and … Nov 13, 2017
NEWS Initial v2.5.0 release notes Sep 23, 2011
NO-WARRANTY explicit no-warranty file Jun 18, 2005 Update, made a link to the official Installation Guide for … Sep 12, 2018
UseOROCOS-RTT-helpers.cmake Merge branch 'master' into useorocos-prevent-ros-generated-messages-l… Apr 17, 2019
UseOROCOS-RTT.cmake Merge branch 'master' into useorocos-prevent-ros-generated-messages-l… Apr 17, 2019
configure Merge patch #355 from bug #533: Mac OS X port. Sep 8, 2008
manifest.xml Adding xpath to manifest rosdep Oct 8, 2013 cmake: updated exact version check semantics for find_package(Orocos-… Sep 8, 2016
orocos-rtt-config.cmake cmake: unset found and missing components list after each invocation … May 31, 2017 cmake: export the used CORBA implementation, to be used by transport … Oct 23, 2013
package.xml Bump version number to 2.8.99 in order to allow depending packages to… Oct 27, 2015

The Orocos Real-Time Toolkit

For installation, please see The OROCOS Real-Time Toolkit Installation Guide [html], [pdf]

The newest version is 2.9, which is the same version described in this Installation Guide.

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