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A step-by-step tutorial showing how to create a Missile Command game using the Corona SDK. The resulting game is compatible across iOS and Android devices.

The repository includes:

  • assets: all of the graphics, audio, etc. required in the game;
  • exercises: if you want to start with a particular exercise, then you can refer to the corresponding folder and start from there;
  • MissileCommand: the finished game, if you just want to take a look at that;
  • MissileCommand.pdf: complete, step-by-step instructions walking you through the creation of the game.

These materials were the basis of a full-day Corona SDK game development workshop that I delivered at FITC Screens in November, 2011. As a result, the instructions may gloss over a few points that I chose to explain verbally to the workshop attendees rather than explain the printed material.

You'll also have to forgive the developer art.