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TextPaint64 is a application for making Commodore 64 text mode graphics and editing them.


How do I get set up?

This application is made by using Qt framework. Qt version 5.x is recommended but application should compile without problems with Qt 4.x versions as well.

Building in Linux

Install Qt development packages from repository provided by distribution of your choice. Other solution is download online installer from and use that, or download source code and compile Qt yourself.

When you have Qt development enviroment ready, open your favorite terminal, go to source folder and give command qmake and then make. You can give argument -j n to speed up compile. N should be number of processor cores you have plus one.

$ cd TextPaint64
$ qmake
$ make -j5

Building in Windows

  1. Download and install Qt development tools from
  2. Open file with Qt Creator.
  3. Press Run-button (Green play icon) to build and run application.

Building in Mac OS X

  1. Install Xcode.
  2. Install Command line tools (apparently not necessary in OS X 10.9 anymore)
  3. Download and install Qt development tools from
  4. Open file with Qt Creator.
  5. Press Run-button (Green play icon) to build and run application.

Note about git

Revision number is automatically generated using git command when you run qmake. Therefore git command should be available on your system's PATH. If you get messages about missing git command, this is what you need to fix. Application should compile correctly even without git, but revision number will not show on about dialog.


Simple text mode graphics editor to help Commodore 64 software development







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