Vectorize any image and download as SVG.
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Vectorizer turns any bitmap image into a vector image by breaking it up into a grid of squares (blocks), and rendering a vector element to represent the brightness of each square. Higher resolution images yield better results, but take longer to process.



The UI provides a few parameters for rendering.

  • Block size - The size of the squares the image will be divided into, similar to Photoshop's Mosaic filter.
  • Weight - Maximum size of the vector element that will occupy each block, relative to the block size. Value between 0 and 1 recommended.
  • Background color - Pretty fucking obvious, no?
  • Foreground color - Oh come on.

Browser support

Tested in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, where Safari proved rougly 300% faster than Chrome, and 1000% faster than Firefox.


This tool wasn't designed to be public-facing so please bear with any quirks, rough edges and lack of better documentation. Hope you'll have some fun with it regardless!