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Ruby wrapper for Firebase
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Ruby wrapper for the Firebase REST API.

Changes are sent to all subscribed clients automatically, so you can update your clients in realtime from the backend.

See a video demo of what's possible.


gem install firebase


base_uri = 'https://<your-firebase>'

firebase =

response = firebase.push("todos", { :name => 'Pick the milk', :priority => 1 })
response.success? # => true
response.code # => 200
response.body # => { 'name' => "-INOQPH-aV_psbk3ZXEX" }
response.raw_body # => '{"name":"-INOQPH-aV_psbk3ZXEX"}'

If you have a read-only namespace, set your secret key as follows:

firebase =, secret_key)

response = firebase.push("todos", { :name => 'Pick the milk', :priority => 1 })

You can now pass custom query options to firebase:

response = firebase.push("todos", :limit => 1)

So far, supported methods are:

set(path, data, query_options)
get(path, query_options)
push(path, data, query_options)
delete(path, query_options)
update(path, data, query_options)

More information about Firebase and the Firebase API is available at the official website.


Copyright (c) 2013 Oscar Del Ben. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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