Pandoc based document editor and converter in your browser.
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Cannot retrieve the latest commit at this time. is a client-side app that lets you edit, preview and convert between documents written in various markup languages in your browser.

Open source!

Check out on github to view the source code, file issues and contribute. wouldn't be possible without these open source projects:

  • GHCJS - Amazing Haskell to JavaScript compiler
  • Pandoc - Extraordinary document converter which I shamelessly compiled to JS and built an interface around
  • Reflex and Reflex-DOM - Great set of libraries that hold this app together with the Functional Reactive Programming constructs they provide.


The easiest way to get a working GHCJS installation is to use the provided nix-based build environment.

$ git clone --recursive
$ git clone --recursive
$  # this will take a while
$ make -C

Please note that the JavaScript file GHCJS generates as a result of this process includes Pandoc and will be subject to the restrictions its license, GPL version 2, has.