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This repository contains artwork and usage guidelines for the graphic mark of the Open Source Hardware Self-Certification program hosted by OSHWA.

This page will help you generate an SVG version of the logo with your UID.

The mark itself can be seen here:

example mark

When self-certifying, you may use the contained design files, provided in a range of file formats, to identify your work as certified Open Source Hardware, so long as you respect the terms of the certification program.

This repository is not for the text of the certification itself, nor (unfortunately), due to how trademark law underpins the certification program, can we accept changes to or allow derivative works of the mark itself. However, we are seeking submissions/pull requests which add new file formats to the collection (see below).

Unique code

The unique IDs announced here are now included in the mark, optionally, as shown in the example above. This uses a 2-letter country code plus a 6-digit unique identifier. Licensees can choose to use the entire UID (e.g. US000001) or a shortened UID that removes the placeholding zeros (e.g. US1).


The mark is designed to be used at a variety of sizes, as it may appear in extremely small sizes on circuit boards, or in larger sizes on open source hardware blimps and skyscrapers.

varying sizes

The mark uses two colors; a dark grey and a red with a slight orange/pink tint. The colors are shown here:

grey orange
hex #333 #F44
RGB 51, 51, 51, 1 255, 68, 68, 1
HSL 0, 0%, 20% 0, 100%, 63%
HSV 0%, 0%, 0%, 80% 0%, 73%, 73%, 0%


However, many if not most printing will be monochrome, and the mark is also designed to be readable in a single color, as in these examples:

monochrome variations

In print

You may wish to use the mark in your documentation or on packaging; below is an example of how you might do this:


In addition, if displaying in text, you may represent the mark using square brackets: [OSHW] as you might see a copyright represented as (c). The unique code can then be alongside, as in: [OSHW] US000123 | Certified open source hardware |


The "master" copy is in SVG, and we're starting with an initial list of commonly readable formats. The formats available now include:

  • SVG
  • PDF
  • PNG

You can find these file formats in the /templates/ folder of this repository.

We are accepting pull requests containing the mark in new file formats, and if you have a desired file format, please open an issue to request it here.

Please include in either your issue or pull request:

  • the file format with a link to documentation on the format
  • a list of programs which may edit this format, and their FLOSS license or approximate cost
  • any additional notes or tips on usage

We may request revisions to submitted templates, or additional details about format requests.


The mark was based on ideas submitted by the OSHWA community in this blog post:, and primarily on the design submitted by Matt Maier. Thanks to everyone who provided input!

The typeface is Deja Vu Sans Mono, which is freely licensed at, and the mark was designed in Inkscape, free software available at

For inspiration and to see what 'going overboard' means in the context of a style guide, see NASA's 1976 logo guidelines:


The EULA covering the use of the logo is part of the license agreement governing the certification application.


A graphic mark, or logo, for OSHWA's Open Hardware Certification program, with a style guide and different design file formats for easy use






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