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Managing the world's cloud infrastructures

Welcome to OSISM!

OSISM is developing a solution for the holistic management of sustainable, sovereign software-defined cloud infrastructures.

OSISM enables fast, easy and consistent management and provisioning of compute, storage and network resources to run cloud-native applications.

OSISM is used by the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) to manage the core infrastructure services.

Components 📦️

OSISM is made up of many individual components. Most modules can also be used independently of each other.

Documentation 📚

The documentation can be found at The associated repository is osism/

Issues 🐛

If you have found a bug, a feature is missing or you have a question just open a bug in osism/issues. We will then move it to the right place and assign it as soon as possible.

Chat 💬

On Matrix we are available via #osism for problems, suggestions, feedback etc. around OSISM. We are also happy to discuss topics like OpenStack, Ceph, and Ansible in general.

Contribute 💚

Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated. Open Source Software lives from contributions.

Get involved 🤝

We are hiring. More information on our jobs page.


  1. issues issues Public

    This repository is used for bug reports that are cross-project or not bound to a specific repository (or to an unknown repository).

    1 1

  2. release release Public

    OSISM release details

    Python 9 3

  3. testbed testbed Public

    With this testbed, it is possible to run a full OSISM installation, the baseline of the Sovereign Cloud Stack, on an existing OpenStack environment such as Cleura or

    Shell 60 25

  4. cloud-in-a-box cloud-in-a-box Public

    Cloud in a box

    Shell 17 4

  5. Public

    OSISM documentation

    JavaScript 7

  6. openstack-image-manager openstack-image-manager Public

    Easily manage and keep up to date a large number of images on an OpenStack environment

    Python 28 19


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