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Latest release: 0.2.1 - Changelog | Docker HubΒ 

A docker image to periodically backup directories.

Quick start

# Run Backup Manager image
docker run --volume /host/data:/data/input --volume /host/backup:/data/backup --detach osixia/backup:0.2.1

Beginner Guide

Backup directory and data persistence

Backups are created by default in the directory /data/backup that has been declared as a volume, so your backup files are saved outside the container in a data volume.

For more information about docker data volume, please refer to :


The container default log level is info. Available levels are: none, error, warning, info, debug and trace.

Example command to run the container in debug mode:

docker run --detach osixia/backup:0.2.1 --loglevel debug

See all command line options:

docker run osixia/backup:0.2.1 --help

Environment Variables

Environment variables defaults are set in image/environment/default.yaml

See how to set your own environment variables

  • BACKUP_INPUT: Directory to backup. Defaults to /data/input.

  • BACKUP_OUTPUT: Directorie to save backups in. Defaults to /data/backup.

  • BACKUP_CRON_EXP: Cron expression to schedule backup execution. Defaults to 0 4 * * *. Every days at 4am.

  • BACKUP_TTL: Backup TTL in days. Defaults to 15.

Set your own environment variables

Use command line argument

Environment variables can be set by adding the --env argument in the command line, for example:

docker run --env BACKUP_CRON_EXP="0 1 * * *" \
--detach osixia/backup:0.2.1

Link environment file

For example if your environment file is in : /data/backup/environment/my-env.yaml

docker run --volume /data/backup/environment/my-env.yaml:/container/environment/01-custom/env.yaml \
--detach osixia/backup:0.2.1

Take care to link your environment file to /container/environment/XX-somedir (with XX < 99 so they will be processed before default environment files) and not directly to /container/environment because this directory contains predefined baseimage environment files to fix container environment (INITRD, LANG, LANGUAGE and LC_CTYPE).

Make your own image or extend this image

This is the best solution if you have a private registry. Please refer to the Advanced User Guide just below.

Advanced User Guide

Extend osixia/backup:0.2.1 image

If you need to add your custom TLS certificate, bootstrap config or environment files the easiest way is to extends this image.

Dockerfile example:

FROM osixia/backup:0.2.1

ADD environment /container/environment/01-custom

Make your own backup image

Clone this project :

git clone
cd docker-backup

Adapt Makefile, set your image NAME and VERSION, for example :

NAME = osixia/backup
VERSION = 0.2.0

becomes :
NAME = billy-the-king/backup
VERSION = 0.2.0

Add your custom keys, environment files, config ...

Build your image :

make build

Run your image :

docker run -d billy-the-king/backup:0.2.1


We use Bats (Bash Automated Testing System) to test this image:

Install Bats, and in this project directory run :

make test

Under the hood: osixia/light-baseimage

This image is based on osixia/light-baseimage. More info:


Please refer to:


A simple container with cron to periodically backup a directory 🐳




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