Honukai theme and colors for Oh My ZSH and iTerm
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Honukai theme and colors for Oh My ZSH and iTerm by @oskar

See how it looks with blur and transparency (video).



The theme is based on the wonderfully made ys theme from the official oh-my-zsh repo.

  1. Drop honukai.zsh-theme into the ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes/ directory (simply create the themes directory if it does not exist)
  2. Change the theme variable name to ZSH_THEME="honukai" in ~/.zshrc
  3. Reload ZSH with source ~/.zshrc


  1. Open Preferences pane on the Profiles tab in iTerm
  2. Switch to the Colors tab and import the honukai.itermcolors (drop-down in the lower right corner)

NOTE: You'll need at least iTerm2.9-nightly (aka 3.0)

Extra eye-candy

There's a bunch of settings you might want to change in your profile in order to get the extra eye-candy.

Text tab:


  • Set to Vertical


Text Rendering

  • Disable Draw bold in bold font
  • Disable Draw bold in bright colors
  • Enable Draw anti-aliased text with thin strokes

Window tab

Window appearance

  • Transparency to 10-15%
  • Blur to 40-50%