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What is testbox?

Testbox is a personal test execution server. It's simply a Jenkins server hosted in a VirtualBox virtual machine that listens to local Git repository commits and executes all tests defined in the project.

It is configured out-of-the-box for Grails and Git projects, but it can be tweaked to execute builds of any project type.

Why testbox?

Your are using Git for your daily Grails work. You have a lot of tests at different levels (unit, integration and of course functional). Before pushing the project (and executing the tests in your central CI server) you run all the tests locally to see if nothing is broken. This is time consuming and interrupts your work. And these annoying browser windows popping up on every Selenium testcase…

Testbox allows you to continue working on your code while tests are being executed. You simply commit to the local Git repository and testbox starts executing tests of the codebase defined this commit. If the tests fail, you can simply amend that commit and testbox will execute them once again. Browser based tests are supported too, since it providers a virtual X11 server (Xvfb).

Testbox is based on Vagrant. Vagrant allows you to create developer virtual machines provisioning them with Puppet or Chef


  • Install the latest version of Vagrant and the Vagrant compatible version of VirtualBox as described in Get VirtualBox and Install Vagrant sections of the installation manual.
  • Download the base box (pre-packaged virtual machine in then Vagrant jargon) based on Ubuntu 12.04:
vagrant box add ubuntu-12.04
  • Clone this repository to a local directory (refered futher as TESTBOX_HOME):
git clone TESTBOX_HOME
  • Configure the initial box parameters, editing TESTBOX_HOME/manifests/params.pp:
    • grails_version - Grails Ubuntu package version available in ppa:groovy-dev/grails
    • java_package - Java Ubuntu package; currently Ubuntu provides OpenJDK 6 and 7 as openjdk-6-jdk and openjdk-7-jdk packages
    • project_repository_url - path to the local Git repository; refer to the host file system access section to check how the host file system is accessible from the virtual machine. Example: /home/mgryszko/testbox-sample-app
    • job_name - Jenkins job name created during provisioning
  • Power up the virtual machine and start provisioning. In TESTBOX_HOME execute:
vagrant up

Watch the progress and be patient, it takes some time to finish.

  • If you get an error described in the Troubleshooting section, set the JAVA_OPTS environment variable in Jenkins global configuration (Go to Jenkins/Manage Jenkins/Configure system)
  • If your application is memory consuming, increase the virtual machine RAM and set the GRAILS_OPTS environment variable as described in the memory-hungry applications section


SSH login

vagrant ssh

no user/password required,


Simply sudo, no password required.

testbox user/password


host file system access

Testbox shares your home directory with the virtual machine under /home/$USER, where $USER refers to the user name on the host machine.

On MacOSX host, the home directory /Users/mgryszko is shared as /home/mgryszko in the virtual machine. On Linux host the mapping is 1:1 - /home/mgryszko on host becomes /home/mgryszko in the VM.


virtual machine -> host

Host network is bridged to the virtual machine. This means you have full access to the network the host is connected to from the guest. More on this in the VirtualBox manual.

host -> virtual machine

Virtual machine port 8888 is mapped to 8888 local port.

Jenkins access

Jenkins runs on 8888 port inside the virtual machine. As explained in the network section, you can access Jenkins by opening this URL in your browser:


memory-hungry applications

  • Increase virtual machine RAM. Stop the testbox. Open VirtualBox application. In VM settings increase the available RAM size going to the System tab.
  • Set GRAILS_OPTS environment variable in Jenkins/Manage Jenkins/Configure system, e.g. to -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -XX:PermSize=256M -XX:MaxPermSize=256M
  • Allocate more memory to the virtual machine (via VirtualBox configuration) than to JVM!

testbox startup/shutdown


vagrant up


vagrant halt


Build error Incompatible minimum and maximum heap sizes specified

If you get the following error message at the very beginning of your build:

Incompatible minimum and maximum heap sizes specified
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Build step 'Build With Grails' marked build as failure


Set the JAVA_OPTS environment variable for Jenkins. In Jenkins/Manage Jenkins/Configure system, Global properties section, add a new environment variable with:

  • name: JAVA_OPTS
  • value: -Xms4M -Xmx64M

Git doesn't clone the repository


Check your project directory permissions. The project and Git directory on the host must be available (readable) to Jenkins user (tomcat6). In practice it means that your project directory should allow read access to others.


Testbox was tested on MacOSX 10.7 and 10.8. It should work on any Linux distribution where Vagrant is supported.