@jeffamstutz jeffamstutz released this May 13, 2016 · 4025 commits to master since this release

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  • Added new tasking options: Cilk, Internal, and Debug
  • Provides more ways for OSPRay to interact with calling
    application tasking systems
    - Cilk: Use Intel® Cilk™ Plus language extensions (ICC only)
    - Internal: Use hand written OSPRay tasking system
    - Debug: All tasks are run in serial (useful for debugging)
  • In most cases, TBB remains the fastest option
  • Added support for adaptive accumulation and stopping
  • ospRenderFrame now returns an estimation of the variance in
    the rendered image if the framebuffer was created with the
    OSP_FB_VARIANCE channel
  • If the renderer parameter varianceThreshold is set,
    progressive refinement concentrates on regions of the image with
    a variance higher than this threshold
  • Added support for volumes with voxelType ushort (16-bit unsigned
  • OSPTexture2D now supports sRGB formats -- actually most images are
    stored in sRGB. As a consequence the API call ospNewTexture2D()
    needed to change to accept the new OSPTextureFormat parameter.
  • Similarly, OSPRay's framebuffer types now also distinguishes between
    linear and sRGB 8-bit formats. The new types are OSP_FB_NONE,
  • Changed "scivis" renderer parameter defaults
  • All shading (AO + shadows) must be explicitly enabled
  • OSPRay can now use a newer, pre-installed Embree enabled by the new
  • New ospcommon library used to separately provide math types and OS
    abstractions for both OSPRay and sample apps
  • Removes extra dependencies on internal Embree math types and
    utility functions
  • ospray.h header is now C99 compatible
  • Removed loaders module, functionality remains inside of
  • Many miscellaneous cleanups, bugfixes, and improvements:
  • Fixed data distributed volume rendering bugs when using less
    blocks than workers
  • Fixes to CMake find_package() config
  • Fix bug in GhostBlockBrickVolume when using doubles
  • Various robustness changes made in CMake to make it easier to
    compile OSPRay