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bitbake bitbake: lib/bs4: Fix imports from html5lib >= 0.9999999/1.0b8 Dec 8, 2016
conf ostro-os: manual combo-layer update Dec 20, 2016
doc meta-ostro: images: align with morty and cleanups Nov 9, 2016
meta-appfw meta-appfw: iot-app-fw_git.bb: update to latest, drop pulled in patch. Aug 16, 2016
meta-intel-iot-middleware meta-intel-iot-middleware: [mraa] node always looks in /usr/lib Sep 7, 2016
meta-intel-iot-security meta-intel-iot-security: linux-yocto: don't trigger errors during tar… Dec 2, 2016
meta-intel meta-intel: dpdk: Use stable and fast download source Dec 8, 2016
meta-iot-web meta-iot-web: recipes-web: Set the correct CFLAGS for iotivity-node. Oct 6, 2016
meta-iotqa meta-iotqa: Update test case id for bleno and crypto api Nov 9, 2016
meta-java meta-java: ant-native: Fix random build failure Dec 8, 2016
meta-oic meta-oic: Updated version in README Nov 16, 2016
meta-openembedded meta-openembedded: libxml++: fix LICENSE Dec 8, 2016
meta-ostro-bsp meta-ostro-bsp: meta-edison-bsp: u-boot: fix target_env archiving Sep 29, 2016
meta-ostro-fixes meta-ostro: openssl_%.bbappend: fix dangling libcrypto.a symlink May 18, 2016
meta-ostro meta-ostro: ostro-version.bbclass: bump OS_VERSION by 1000000000 in n… Dec 20, 2016
meta-security-isafw meta-security-isafw: isafw.bbclass: speed up build by running image a… Dec 20, 2016
meta-selftest oe-selftest: devtool: test that updating a file with subdir= works Dec 8, 2016
meta-skeleton Remove $COREBASE/LICENSE from LIC_FILES_CHKSUM Nov 9, 2016
meta-soletta meta-soletta: devapp: update to v1_beta11 Nov 16, 2016
meta-swupd meta-swupd: swupd-server: allow directory -> symlink transition Dec 8, 2016
meta-yocto meta-yocto: maintainers: Change maintainers for python(3) modules Dec 8, 2016
meta kernel-yocto: exit on non-zero return code Dec 8, 2016
scripts pybootchartgui: support reading reduced /proc logs Dec 8, 2016
.gitignore combo layer: add meta-swupd Apr 6, 2016
.templateconf meta-ostro: initialize combined repo and distro layer Mar 20, 2015
LICENSE Fix license notices for OE-Core Jan 2, 2014
README.rst meta-ostro: README.rst: add more information regarding components Apr 21, 2016
oe-init-build-env oe-init-build-env*: Make them actually return failures Mar 23, 2016
oe-init-build-env-memres oe-init-build-env*: Make them actually return failures Mar 23, 2016


About the ostro-os repository

The ostro-os repository is a combination of several different components in a single repository. It contains everything that is needed to build Ostro OS:

  • bitbake
  • openembedded-core
  • meta-intel
  • meta-ostro
  • meta-ostro-fixes
  • meta-ostro-bsp
  • meta-intel-iot-security
  • meta-appfw
  • meta-openembedded
  • meta-oic
  • meta-intel-iot-middleware
  • meta-iotqa
  • meta-iot-web
  • meta-security-isafw
  • meta-yocto
  • meta-java
  • meta-soletta
  • meta-swupd

The top-level directory comes from openembedded-core and meta-ostro (including this README.rst), everything else is in its own sub-directory. The ostro-os repository gets updated by importing commits from the component's repostories.

For more information about each of these components including exact URL, branch and current revision used, please refer to the conf/combo-layer.conf file in your top-level ostro-os repository.

Updating the repository

Everyone with a copy of the repository can use scripts/combo-layer to import commits from the components. However, typically this happens automatically as part of the continous integration setup and only core maintainers will ever need to do that manually.

Normal developers can either:

  1. Make changes in a fork of the ostro-os repository. Submitting a pull request is okay and will trigger a test build with the modification. However, the pull request typically cannot be merged and must be split up into pull requests into the component repositories.
  2. Directly modify component repositories and switch to them in a local build by replacing the paths to them in conf/bblayers.conf of the build.

The first approach is more suitable for changes affecting many different repositories, the second more for localized changes.

Shared maintenance of ostro-os via combo-layer works because the last_revision property which gets changed after each import gets committed to the combined repostory.

To do this, first copy conf/combo-layer-local-sample.conf into conf/combo-layer-local.conf and set the paths for each component repository to a suitable location.

Then run:

  • scripts/combo-layer init (only once)
  • scripts/combo-layer update <component> where <component> is either one of
    components above (for updating just that one) or empty (for updating all)
  • optional: git commit --amend the last auto-generated commit


Each branch in this repository tracks one branch in each component. To create a new branch:

  • checkout a new branch at a suitable base
  • change the "branch" properties in conf/combo-layer.conf
  • change the branch part in the last_revision sections
  • commit
  • continue as before

This works best if the last imported revision from each component is the branching point of that component. Ensure that by updating before the components branch. If it is too late, either select commits interactively (combo-layer --interactive) or import too many commits and then drop unwanted ones via git rebase or git reset --hard. Remember to keep last_revision correct when doing that.