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A repository for private set intersection. Most protocols were written just for benchmarking them while (RR17,KKRT,Mea86=ECDH) can be run from the command line and take a file as input. Run the program for details.



  • Malicious Secure RR17 based on simple hashing and OTs (fastest)
  • Malicious Secure RR16 based on Bloom filters and OTs
  • Malicious Secure DKT10 based on public key crypto (ECC)
  • Semi-Honest Secure KKRT16 based on cuckoo hashing and OTs (fastest)
  • Semi-Honest Secure Mea86 base on public key crypto (ECC)
  • Semi-Honest Secure DRRT18 based on cuckoo hashing, PIR and OTs (fastest unbalanced)


Our library is cross platform and has been tested on both Windows and Linux. The library should work on Mac but it has not been tested. There are several library dependencies including libOTe, Boost, Miracl. First follow the instructions at libOTe.


First clone and build libOTe. libOTe and libPSI should share the same parent directory. Then clone this library and open the solution in Visaul Studio.


libOTe and libPSI should share the same parent directory.

[libOTe clone build steps](
git clone
cd libPSI

here, -DENABLE_XXXX should refer to the public key library used with libOTe, i.e. -DENABLE_RELIC, -DENABLE_MIRACL, or -DENABLE_SIMPLESTOT_ASM.

Unit tests can be run by executing the program.

./bin/frontend.exe -u

Other options can be seen by executing with no arguments.


Contact Peter Rindal for any assistance on building or running the library.

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