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First osu! private server in Thailand

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  1. Forked from osufx/lets

    Ainu! score server (based on ripple's lets and using osufx branch)

    Python 1 19

  2. Forked from osuripple/

    osu!thailand's bancho server

    Python 2 16

  3. Avatar Server for Ainu! Using Flask to run

    Python 3 12

  4. Forked from osuripple/hanayo

    mirror of

    CSS 14

  5. api Archived

    Forked from Hazuki-san/api

    An API for Homura and Ainu (Based on Ripple)

    Go 9

  6. Ainu's certificate used to make osu! that uses HTTPS connection can connect to Ainu.

    2 2


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