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OSWIS - One Simple Web IS

One Simple Web Information System.

OSWIS (One Simple Web IS)

Simple and modular web-based IS based on modern web technologies. OSWIS is set of Symfony bundles and Angular library modules designated to be used in Symfony and Angular projects. There are both example projects placed in repositories.

History of OSWIS

Originally, OSWIS was developed as part of @zakjakub's bachelor thesis and in parallel was used as base of information system for Seznamovak UP and some other projects. Development originally started somewhen about 2017 and ie. IS for Seznamovak UP was based on that historical iterations of OSWIS since its first versions.

Finally, it was never submitted as part of bachelor thesis, but development continues and some projects (as IS for Seznamovak UP) are still using OSWIS as their base.

Present and futire of OSWIS

As some original source codes are many years old and based on deprecated technologies and procedures, absolutelly new version is developed at the moment. As original implementation of OSWIS never reached v1.0.0, it's still named simply as OSWIS and we are targeting v1 in this new implementation.

Legacy repositories (currently used)


  • oswis-core-bundle
  • oswis-address-book-bundle
  • oswis-calendar-bundle
  • oswis-web-bundle
  • oswis-accommodation-bundle
  • oswis-job-fair-bundle
  • oswis-template-example-bundle


  • oswis-ng-modules
  • seznamovak-up (new client-side developed in 2021, Ionic 6 based)

Current repositories (2022+)


  • server (example server-side project)
  • server-core-bundle (core bundle for server-side)
  • server-organization-bundle (organizations and contacts management bundle for server-side)
  • server-event-bundle (event management bundle for server-side)
  • server-website-bundle (websites management bundle for server-side)
  • server-project-bundle (project management bundle for server-side)
  • server-kiosk-bundle (kiosk management bundle for server-side)


  • client (example client-side project)
  • ngx-client-modules (modules for client-side projects, monorepo)


  1. oswis oswis Public

    One Simple Web IS – universal modular web information system


  2. oswis-core-bundle oswis-core-bundle Public

    One Simple Web IS

    PHP 2

  3. oswis-address-book-bundle oswis-address-book-bundle Public

    Address book module for One Simple Web IS.

    PHP 2

  4. oswis-calendar-bundle oswis-calendar-bundle Public

    Calendar module for OSWIS (One Simple Web IS).

    PHP 2

  5. oswis-web-bundle oswis-web-bundle Public

    Web bundle for OSWIS.

    PHP 2

  6. oswis-ng-modules oswis-ng-modules Public

    Angular front-end modules for OSWIS.

    TypeScript 1


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