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Encode Arabic

New things

  • Encode Arabic now uses Jupyter to provide example-driven insights and documentation. Check out the IHaskell and IPython notebooks!

  • The project includes the recently updated LaTeX packages acolor and alocal for fancy coloring of the Arabic script and extending the virtues of the ArabTeX notation.

  • The Haskell library has fixed the typesetting of wasla and quoting of vowels in the phonological transcription.

  • There is support for calling the Haskell executables from within Python as if they were native functions.

  • Both Haskell and Perl libraries now support the Habash-Soudi-Buckwalter transliteration scheme, next to many others. Check out our web service.

Join us

Since Encode Arabic is now hosted on GitHub and Bitbucket, it becomes yet easier to join the project and contribute to it. We do need new features, applications, as well as documentation. Feel free to contact us or clone the project!