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aeidon is a Python package for reading, writing and manipulating text-based subtitle files. It is used by the gaupol package, which provides a a subtitle editor application with a GTK+ user interface.

Separating a user-interface independent general-purpose subtitle editing package from Gaupol has been an afterthought and thus not well designed to be a reusable component, but on the other hand is proven, working and maintained code.


To install only either the aeidon or the gaupol package, use one of the following commands

python3 --without-gaupol install [--prefix=...]
python3 --without-aeidon install [--prefix=...]

Note that the --with-* and --without-* are global options and must be placed before any commands.


Of the dependencies listed in the file, Python, PyEnchant, iso-codes and chardet are to be associated with aeidon. If aeidon is installed using the --without-iso-codes switch, then iso-codes is required instead of optional. gaupol should depend on the remaining dependencies as well as aeidon of the same version.