The MesInput project provides personal keyboards
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MesInput ('Mes' as 'my' in French) provides personal virtual keyboards or VKBs.

The project consists of:

 * a server side implementation for creating VKB layouts available at:

 * a keyboard download client for device side.

The device side client is implemented with Qt C++ and it queries the service 
REST APIs which answers with JSON replies.

The solution is an "add-on" for the Maliit input method framework available here:

For end user instructions and screenshots in Nokia N9, see:

Working with the client:


    [sbox-maemo6-armv7] > meego-run ./mesinput -software -output-level debug

Layouts located in:


Building the deb file:

    [sbox-maemo6-armv7] > dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
    (Note: you need cdbs for packaging: fakeroot apt-cache search cdbs)

Setting layouts manually (helpful during development):

    [sbox-maemo6-armv7] > gconftool-2 --type=list --set /meegotouch/inputmethods/virtualkeyboard/layouts --list-type=string [en_gb.xml,fi.xml]

Create the base64 icon:

    uuencode -m icon-l-mesinput.png icon-l-mesinput.png | sed -e s,^,\ ,  > icon-l-mesinput.base64

Setting proxy:

    In scratchbox, copy the /etc/resolv.conf from the host.

    In scratchbox, set the http_proxy env variable.


Server URL scheme is documented here:


 * The whole Maliit team for support (Dominik R. for the VKB update patch)
 * MesFetcher based on the Buteo team sample code
 * Page structure based on the MeeGo Touch FW music catalogue example
 * JSON parsing, see

 * MesInput icon by Otso K.