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MATLAB Toolbox for Power Magnetics: Model and Optimization

license - BSD language - MATLAB category - power electronics status - unmaintained

This MATLAB toolbox allows for the modeling and optimization of power magnetic components:

  • medium-frequency inductors
  • medium-frequency transformers
  • computation of the mass and volume
  • extraction of the equivalent circuit
  • computation of the core and winding losses
  • fast and accurate semi-numerical methods
  • plotting of the winding and core geometries
  • brute-force optimization (parallel code)
  • flexible object-oriented design

The following methods/functionalities are provided for the core modeling:

  • iGSE for the core losses (with locally fitted parameters from a loss map)
  • linear reluctance solver with 3D air gap models
  • multiple air gaps are allowed
  • multiphases components are allowed

The following methods/functionalities are provided for the winding modeling:

  • mirroring method with inductance matrix and field evaluation (with/without air gaps)
  • solid wire windings (including skin and proximity losses)
  • stranded (Litz) wire windings (including skin and proximity losses)
  • multiple air gaps are allowed
  • multiphases components are allowed
  • model of the winding heads

Currently, the following components are implemented:

  • inductors and two-winding transformers with shell-type windings
  • U-core, C-core, and E-core

However, additional components can be added by implementing abtract classes. More specifically, the code could handle the following cases (without modifying the core classes):

  • multiphase components (transformers or chokes)
  • other winding geometries (core-type, matrix, etc.)
  • other core geometries (ELP, RM, etc.)
  • distributed airgaps

Getting Started

Two DC-DC converters are considered as examples:

  • a resonant converter (SRC-DCX) with a MF transformer
  • a bidirectional Buck converter (Buck DC-DC) with a MF inductor

Both converteres are operating between 400V and 100V buses with a rated power of 5kW. The component geometry (core and windings) and the operating frequency are optimized.

The example consists of the following files:


Buck DC-DC Inductor

SRC-DCX Transformer

Pareto Fronts

Toolbox Organization

The power magnetic toolbox contains the following packages:


  • Tested with MATLAB R2015b and R2021a.
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox.
  • Compatibility with GNU Octave not tested but probably problematic.


Thomas Guillod - GitHub Profile

This toolbox shares some files/ideas with the following repositories:


This project is licensed under the BSD License, see