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sarken committed dadb0b0 Jul 4, 2020
AO3-5518 Tweak admin index HTML and add i18n (#3855)
* AO3-5518 Add missing class names and divs to admin index

* AO3-5518 i18n the admins index

* AO3-5518 i18n role names


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The OTW-Archive software is an open-source web application intended for hosting archives of fanworks, including fanfic, fanart, and fan vids.

Its development is sponsored and managed by the Organization for Transformative Works, a nonprofit organization by and for fans.

Release Status

Development of the OTW-Archive software is an ongoing labor of love. You can see it in action on the Archive of Our Own, aka AO3, a multifandom archive also run by the OTW.

You can find more information about the history and future of the AO3 project on the OTW website.

How to Contribute

We welcome pull requests for bugs described in our issue tracker. Please see our Contributing Guidelines for further information!

License and Acknowledgments

The Archive code is licensed under GPL by the Organization for Transformative Works.

We benefit from software and services that are free to use for Open Source projects, including:

Thank you kindly!

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