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As usual, lots of closed issues, bugfixes and various improvements.

Update November 16th 8:00 GMT: A couple of additional bugs fixed. Please ensure you're using build # 2.7.6894.20778.

New features

  • The Filter feature has been greatly improved. It is now case-insensitive and allows the use of wildcards ("?" matches any single character, "*" matches any zero or more characters). In addition, search results can now be displayed in three different ways: Hierarchical by parent object (table, folder), hierarchical by child object (measure, column, etc.) or flat. All of these work with Dynamic LINQ filters as well. More information in this article.
  • Hitting F12 in the Expression Editor, when the cursor is over a DAX keyword, will now open a browser navigating to that keywords entry on https://dax.guide
  • Tabular Editor is now targeting version 15.5.0 of the TOM AMO libs. This allows us to work with newer versions of Power BI. See issue #195.

Minor improvements

  • Navigation arrows (back/forward) moved to the Expression Editor tab, and now work even when the object you're navigating to is no longer visible in the tree.
  • When clicking on the expand/collapse arrow to the left of an object, the selection no longer changes, making it easier to drag objects into the Expression Editor to generate DAX object references.
  • If using the "Save to folder" option, you can now choose to serialise relationship as annotations on their "FromTable" (typically the fact table). This may be useful for reducing the risk of version control conflicts. See issue #126
  • The "File > Preferences" dialog was improved. Now, all serialisation settings are collected on one tab, while a new tab shows the serialisation settings of the currently loaded model. See issue #191
  • Added a "Copy to clipboard" button on the dialog appearing when using the script .Output() method.
  • Added find/replace/comment/uncomment toolbar buttons to Advanced Scripting editor
  • Under "File > Preferences > DAX" you may now change the DAX locale, see issue #162. In addition, a new script method ConvertDax(string dax, bool useSemicolons) has been added, in case you need to manually convert back and forth between the two locales.
  • Deployment Wizard no longer defaults to the first database on the list (on page 2), but instead forces users to choose a database from the list or enter an ID. This should prevent accidentally overwriting databases going forward. In addition, the Wizard now remembers the previous database choice, so that subsequent deployments can be performed with fewer clicks.
  • Best Practice Analyzer rules and analysis results can now be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue #183 - Performance when loading models with a very large amount of measures (> 5000) which are organised in display folders is now greatly improved.
  • Fixed issue #187
  • Fixed issue #188
  • Fixed issue #189
  • Fixed issue #190
  • Fixed issue #192
  • When saving a model as a folder, perspective and translations that are serialised locally as annotations will now always be serialised in alphabetical order, to reduce the risk of version control conflicts.
  • Fixed a dependency detection / formula fix-up bug, that would sometimes occur when undoing the deletion of an object.
  • October 25th Fixed issue #198
  • October 25th Fixed issue #202
  • October 25th Fixed issue #205
  • October 25th Fixed issue #208
  • October 28th Fixed an issue when using the -A switch of the command line that would sometimes cause a crash
  • October 28th The command line now returns non-zero exit code when any errors are encountered. This will make it easier to halt the build in automated build pipelines.
  • October 28th Tabular Editor is now targeting version 15.7 of the TOM AMO
  • October 30th Fixed issue #214
  • October 30th Fixed issue #215
  • October 30th Command-line improvements
  • November 16th Improved Scripting IntelliSense on Annotation methods (issue #212)
  • November 16th Improved GetObjectPath and ResolveObjectPath (issue #212)
  • November 16th Fixed bug when scripting a Refresh TMSL
  • November 16th Added support for more data types when using the Table Import from Power Query clipboard function
  • November 16th Fixed bug that would sometime cause an "Unknown object" error upon saving directly to a database
  • November 16th Fixed bug that would prevent a newly created perspective, relationship, data source, etc. from becoming selected in the Explorer Tree.