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Doge NFT Auction

Doge NFT Auction

The original Doge memes are being auctioned off as 1/1 NFTs for charity.

Own these pieces of internet history.

Brought to you by Atsuko Sato and Kabosu.

This gallery uses @zoralabs/nft-components to render custom auctions. Fork this to create your own curated auction house or galleries of Zora media or ERC721s.

Code structure:

  • lib/: Constants and content
  • scss/: Stylesheets
  • components/: Components used for the site. Zora integrations are in zora-card and doge-nft-card.
  • scripts/: Effect utils
  • public/: Public assets
  • pages/: Static next.js pages and server-side content fetching

How to make your own:

  1. Update content and referenced NFTs in lib/ and in pages/
  2. Update styles in scss/
  3. Publish! Next.js works well with vercel and netlify