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angelscripts cellcmds v1.2.0

Angel Scripts for local or remote simple cells management


$ angel cell {command} {cellPath}

1. create myproject/dna/_production/cell.json

  "name": "myproject",
  "remote": "ssh user@remoteAddr",
  "sourceNode": ". ~/.nvm/ && nvm use v0.10.24",
  "cwd": "~/app",
  "main": "index.js",
  "source": "git url",
  "branch": "master",
  "origin": "origin",
  "start": "&{sourceNode} && cd &{cwd} && ...",
  "stop": "&{sourceNode} && cd &{cwd} && ...",
  "restart": "&{sourceNode} && cd &{cwd} && ...",
  "status": "&{sourceNode} && cd &{cwd} && ...",
  "build": "&{sourceNode} && cd &{cwd} && ...",
  "install": "mkdir -p &{cwd} && cd &{cwd} && git clone &{source} . && &{sourceNode} && npm install",
  "upgrade": "git fetch &{origin} && git checkout &{branch} && git pull &{origin} &{branch} && npm install --production && &{build} && &{stop} && &{start}",
  "upgrade-without-build": "git fetch &{origin} && git checkout &{branch} && git pull &{origin} &{branch} && npm install --production && &{stop} && &{start}"
  "uninstall": "rm -rf &{cwd}"

remote property

Once present all commands will be executed using the following pattern: {remote} '{command}'


cellcmds internally loads cell.json parsed as part of a single DNA inmemory structure using organic-dna-loader -> organic-dna-resolve

Therefore one can use organic-dna-resolve's features. For example:

  • reference a property from the current (container) branch

    // cell.json
      "variable1": "value1"
      "command1": "echo &{variable1}"
  • in place reference a value from another dna branch

    // dna/secrets.json
      "variable1": "a secret"
    // dna/_production/cell.json
      "command1": "echo @{secrets.variable1}"

start, stop, ... commands

cell.json file contain both common variables and common commands. Commands can be invoked from command line using angel cell {command} {cellPath} pattern.

Commands can be array of strings which will be concatenated via && for example:

// cell.json
  "variable1": "value1"
  "variable2": "value2"
  "command1": [
    "sub-command1 &{variable1}",
    "sub-command2 &{variable2}"

cellPath cli argument

It is a special argument which can be either:

  • relative file path to cell.json, ie ./dna/_production/cell.json
  • relative dna path to cell's dna, ie _production.cell

2. include scripts and use cell.json commands

$ cd myproject
$ npm install organic-angel --save
$ npm install angelscripts-cellcmds --save

// provide ./dna/_prodction/cell.json content & execute commands

$ node ./node_modules/.bin/angel cell install ./dna/_production/cell.json
$ node ./node_modules/.bin/angel cell start ./dna/_production/cell.json
$ node ./node_modules/.bin/angel cell upgrade ./dna/_production/cell.json

3. production

use forever or pm2 instead of angelscripts-nodeapps for production cells

  • Install forever or pm2 on remote hosts *

cell.json with forever

  "start": "forever --sourceDir &{cwd} -a -l &{cwd}/&{main}.out --minUptime 5000 --spinSleepTime 2000 start &{main}",
  "stop": "forever stop &{main}",
  "restart": "forever restart &{main}",

cell.json with pm2

  "start": "pm2 start &{main} --name &{name}",
  "stop": "pm2 stop &{name}",
  "restart": "pm2 restart &{name}"