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tools for HAR file

harx : extract files from HAR file. Domain name and all fold info are kept.


Usage: harx [options] har-file

-l                           List files , lead by [index]
-lu  urlPattern              like -l , but filter by urlPattern
-lm  mimetypePattern         like -l , but filter by response mimetype
-x   dir                     eXtract all content to [dir]
-xi  index                   eXtract the [index] content , need run with -l first to get [index]
-xu  urlPattern      dir     like -x , but filter by urlPattern
-xm  mimetypePattern dir     like -x , but filter by mimetypePattern
-xmd mimetypePattern dir     like -xm , but dump contents directly to [dir]


Step1: Save HAR.

  • open Chrome browser ;

  • open Develeper Tools, switch to Network panel;

  • enter website url, you will see all requests in Network panel;

  • Right Click in Network panel, choose "Save as HAR with Content", that's all.

  • or you can try Capture HAR files from a remote Chrome instance

Step2: Explor content in HAR

$ harx -l /tmp/site.har

You will get something like this:

    mac:har-tools tony$ harx -l /tmp/google.har 
    [  0][   GET][                text/html][Size:    3247][URL:]
    [  1][   GET][                image/png][Size:    7842][URL:]
    [  2][   GET][                text/html][Size:     962][URL:]

Step3: Extract them all.

$ harx -x /tmp/some_dir /tmp/site.har

Now you can jump into that folder to see what you get .