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Performance Comparison

UPDATED: 2.6.0 Release (2018.08.27), Scribe is just shy of four times faster than Log4J 2 (2.11.1) UPDATED: As of 2.3.3, Scribe is roughly three times faster than Log4J 2 (2.11.0)

Scribe is now the fastest logging framework in existence. Here is a chart comparing Log4J 2, Scala Logging, and Scribe:

All Frameworks Graph

Scribe synchronously averages over 2.1 million logged records per second single-threaded. Log4J, on the other hand, maxes out at roughly 587 thousand per second.

In addition, to see the graph over time:

All Frameworks Chart

Log4J vs Scribe

Log4J vs Scribe

Log4J Trace vs Scribe

To clarify what we mean by "trace", this includes trace details for the class, method, and line numbers in each log record. Log4J Trace vs Scribe

ScalaLogging vs Scribe

ScalaLogging vs Scribe

Scribe vs Scribe Async

Scribe vs Scribe Async

For more information check out the original blog post

Charts generated using nilskp's jmh-charts

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