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App to encourage to contribute to open source project on github
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A desktop application for encouraging to contribute to open source project on github


We all love open source and want to contribute open source projects. Someday, I wanted to contribute the projects more intensively than before. I picked some projects I like, and tracked what is going on, for example, which commits are committed or what issues are handled. But I feel it is too hard to track because too many things are happened and I can't see it in one view.

Also, when I found the issue I guess I can resolve it, I can't assign it to me because I'm not a member of the project. I should try to resolve it alone while I check the issue repeatly.

Of course, I can watch it, but too many emails come to my inbox. I still feel it is hard to track.

So, I want to see the events on specific repositories or issues I want to watch.

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