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Indigo, a cool blue theme for Open edX

Indigo is an elegant, customizable theme for Open edX.

Platform landing page

You can view the theme in action at


Indigo was specially developed to be used with Tutor (at least v14.0.0). If you have not installed Open edX with Tutor, then installation instructions will vary.

Install and enable Indigo plugin:

tutor plugins install indigo
tutor plugins enable indigo
tutor local launch

The Indigo theme will be automatically enabled if you have not previously defined a theme. To override an existing theme, use the settheme command:

tutor local do settheme indigo


  • INDIGO_WELCOME_MESSAGE (default: "The place for all your online learning")
  • INDIGO_PRIMARY_COLOR (default: "#3b85ff")
  • INDIGO_FOOTER_NAV_LINKS (default: [{"title": "About", "url": "/about"}, {"title": "Contact", "url": "/contact"}])

The INDIGO_* settings listed above may be modified by running tutor config save --set INDIGO_...=.... For instance, to remove all links from the footer, run:

tutor config save --set "INDIGO_FOOTER_NAV_LINKS=[]"

Or, to set the primary color to forest green, run:

# Note: The nested quotes are needed in order to handle the hash (#) correctly.
tutor config save --set 'INDIGO_PRIMARY_COLOR="#225522"'


This plugin can serve as a starting point to create your own themes. Just fork this repository and modify the files as you see fit.

You will have to start by installing indigo from source:

git clone
pip install -e ./tutor-indigo
tutor plugins enable indigo

Any change you make to the theme can be viewed immediately in development mode (with tutor dev ... commands) after you run:

tutor config save

To deploy your changes to production, you will have to rebuild the "openedx" Docker image and restart your containers:

tutor images build openedx
tutor local start -d

Changing the Styling in Sass files

To customize the theme stylesheets, modify the files in the tutorindigo/templates/indigo/lms/static/sass/ and tutorindigo/templates/indigo/cms/static/sass/ directories. In particular, the _extras.scss files should contain most styling rules.

Changing the default logo and other images

The theme images are stored in tutorindigo/templates/indigo/lms/static/images for the LMS, and in tutorindigo/templates/indigo/cms/static/images for the CMS. To use custom images in your theme, just replace the files stored in these folders with your own.

Overriding the default "about", "contact", etc. static pages

By default, the /about and /contact pages contain a simple line of text: "This page left intentionally blank. Feel free to add your own content". This is of course unusable in production. In the following, we detail how to override just any of the static templates used in Open edX.

The static templates used by Open edX to render those pages are all stored in the edx-platform/lms/templates/static_templates folder. To override those templates, you should add your own in the following folder:

ls tutorindigo/templates/indigo/lms/templates/static_templates"

For instance, edit the "donate.html" file in this directory. We can derive the content of this file from the contents of the donate.html static template in edx-platform:

<%page expression_filter="h"/>
<%! from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _ %>
<%inherit file="../main.html" />

<%block name="pagetitle">${_("Donate")}</%block>

<main id="main" aria-label="Content" tabindex="-1">
    <section class="container about">
            <%block name="pageheader">${page_header or _("Donate")}</%block>
            <%block name="pagecontent">Add a compelling message here, asking for donations.</%block>

This new template will then be used to render the /donate url.


Can't override styles using Indigo Theme for MFEs

The indigo theme can’t override styles for MFEs directly. It overrides the styles for edx-platform. In case of MFEs, @edx/brand is used to override the styles. Customize the @edx/brand package to your preferences and include this customized package in tutor-indigo plugin. In this way, styles can be overidden:

RUN npm install '@edx/brand@npm:custom-brand-package'
RUN npm install '@edx/brand@git+'

This Tutor plugin is maintained by Hina Khadim from Edly. Community support is available from the official Open edX forum. Do you need help with this plugin? See the troubleshooting section from the Tutor documentation.


This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).