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i3lock-next is a Python 3 script and C helper program much like i3lock-fancy. i3lock-next aims to be much faster by using Imlib2 rather than ImageMagick, and being written (mostly) in C.

screenshot: main

video: usage


  • Built-in support for custom lock images: the i3lock indicator will scale automatically.
  • Speed: i3lock-next is very fast because most of the image manipulation is done in C.
  • Multi-monitor support: what it says on the tin.


Most of these should be available via the package manager for your distribution.


$ make
# make install

To use a custom prefix for the installation directory:

$ make PREFIX=/your/custom/prefix
# make install PREFIX=/your/custom/prefix


i3lock-next [-h|--help] [prompt] [font] [size]

	-h, --help  Display this help text.

	prompt      Prompt string to display, default is none.

	font        Font to to use, default is Sans.

	size        Size of font, default is 18.


Custom Font and Prompt:

$ i3lock-next "Input password" "DejaVu Sans Mono" 24

screenshot: custom font and prompt

Default Prompt (None):

$ i3lock-next

screenshot: default font