haskell-hedgehog's model-based state machine testing together with inline-java
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Example of using haskell-hedgehog's model-based state machine testing together with inline-java.

Points of Interest

  • The code under test, a circular buffer implemented in Java: CircularBuffer.java
  • The code wrapping our circular buffer class, providing a Haskell API: CircularBuffer.hs
  • The tests, Main.hs, including:
    • A simplified model of a circular buffer (the Model data type)
    • The commands of the API (New, Get, Put, Size), with generators, pre and post-conditions, and model update functions
    • A Hedgehog property running sequential generative tests on the model and the Java-implemented CircularBuffer to verify that they behave the same


The example used, the circular buffer and its model, is based on the paper Experiences with QuickCheck: Testing the Hard Stuff and Staying Sane, by John Hughes. In the original paper the code under test in written C, and the tests in Erlang and Quviq QuickCheck; in this example testing a Java implementation using Haskell and the Hedgehog library.

The build-related code is based on the examples from inline-java:

Those examples are licensed under BSD3, and so is this code.

Build Requirements

This has only been tested and hacked on using Nix. You should be able to run the following using a recent nixpkgs revision:

$ nix-shell
$ cabal configure --enable-tests
$ cabal test

Running 1 test suites...
Test suite hedgehog-inline-java-testing: RUNNING...
Test suite hedgehog-inline-java-testing: PASS
Test suite logged to:
1 of 1 test suites (1 of 1 test cases) passed.

You may be able to build and run without Nix, using a new version of Cabal or Stack, but may also have troubles with native dependencies (libjvm in particular). In any case, make sure you have OpenJDK and Gradle installed. Good luck!