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Compile Idris to Vimscript, like you always wanted.


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Idris Vimscript!

The good stuff.

Please note that this is very experimental. For example, the Idris Integer type, usually represented as an arbitrary-precision integer, is represented using the Vim number type.

It's a hack, deal with it. 😎

Or, better still:


This is a fun project, and the authors aren't expert compiler writers: we need your help! There are three languages (Idris, Haskell, and documentation!) you can contribute in, and knowledge of Vimscript is useful too. Specifically:

  • if you know a little Idris, you can add bindings for more of the Vim API
  • if you know some Haskell, you can add new or improve existing optimisations, make the generated code better, or improve performance
  • if you can do Vimscript, we'd like you to help us generate better, faster, smaller code that Vimscript users can understand somewhat well
  • The Idris REPL itself lets people browse documentation, so even a few comments on key functions can make users' day-to-day lives much easier when they're discovering the API.

Good first issues for new contributors are tagged on our issue tracker.

If you have an idea in mind, open a PR!

Finally, if you write a Vim plugin using Idris Vimscript, let us know!


Many examples of what is possible are present in the examples/ directory, but this will give you an idea of the state of the art:

module Main

import Vimscript.FFI
import Vimscript.List
import Vimscript.Builtin

main : VIM_IO ()
main = do
  l <- line "$"              -- get the last line number
  s <- getline (l - 1)       -- get the contents of the next-to-last line
  let sl = length s          -- get its length
  echo (substr 3 (3 + sl) s) -- print a part of it

Build and Install

Install the code generator:

stack install # or cabal install

Install the Vimscript library for Idris:

idris --install vimscript.ipkg

Build and Run Examples

The project comes accompanied by a convenience make script that will compile all the Idris files in examples folder.

vim examples/loop.vim
# :source %             (in Vim)

In order to build a single example, you can compile it as below (this is what make is doing).

idris examples/myfile.idr -i lib/ --codegen vim -o examples/myfile.vim


BSD 3 License. Based on original work by Edwin Brady.


Compile Idris to Vimscript, like you always wanted.







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