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OWLchain - Protocol for Trust and Interconnected Knowledge

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Quick Summary

OWLchain is a blockchain for trust contracts. OWLchain aims to use the Web Ontology Language(OWL) and Timed Automata Language(TAL) to expand expressive power while retaining decidability to support secure and precise execution of Smart Contracts.



The structure of OWLchain protocol looks briefly as follows :

  • owlchain
    • consensus - owlchain blockchain consensus protocol
    • p2p - p2p network communication
    • reasoner - Inference Engine for OWL 2.0 profile
    • store - data store using SQL and MessagePack
    • api - rest api
    • transaction - transaction of vote, proposal and remittance
    • ui - web application User interface for Owlchain
    • appmain.d - boot up module

To learn more about the specs of OWLchain's parts, please refer to the Specs repository.


Owlchain Protocol currently uses d programming language and dub build toolkit.


To build and run OWLchain, please proceed as follows:

$ git clone
$ cd owlchain-core
$ dub -v

How OWLchain Works

To learn more about how OWLchain works take a look at the Papers or Talks. You can also explore the Specs in writing.

OWLchain Papers

OWLchain talks

Project and Community

The OWLchain is a open source project in need of contributions from technophiles with various backgrounds. You are invited and appriciated to join it! Create issues, contribute codes, translating documents, every single contribution will be appricated and respected here.


Wondering on where to start? Check out our waffle to check the current development status, progress, and milestones.

Communication Channels

Also here are some links to our communication channels:


OWL Community is able to hire developers for part time or full time positions, to work on OWLchain protocol. If you are interested, check out the job listings. If you'd like to help in other ways, please contact to