Must disable locking with davfs2 when using owncloud #9176

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I have an issue when using davfs2 to mount owncloud storage space.

Unless I disable the locking in the davfs2 configuration, I continuously get input-output errors when renaming directories.

This is very evident when using the file synchronizer 'unison' over the webdav mounts, since this synchronizer does a lot of renames.

Disabling the locking in davfs2 seems wrong, but makes everything work and also seems to make operation faster when there are many small files to be copied over the webdav mount. However, it also seems the wrong thing to do... any idea? An issue in owncloud? In sabredav? in davfs2?

Note that it is not just me having this issue. I came to trying disable the locking because I found the hint to disable the locking by googling on the net.


At the moment ownCloud doesn´t support WebDAV locks. Disabling them in davfs2 should be no problem


Thanks for the explanation! Now the issue with davfs2 is clear.

Yet, if ownCloud does not support WebDAV locks, IMHO one of the following two actions should be performed:

  1. the webdav server should not claim to support locks. AFAIK, davfs2 disables locking automatically, unless the server says it supports locks. If this is the case, the fact that davfs2 has issues with locks may be the sign that owncloud claims to be able to provide locks.

  2. The instructions in the 'Accessing your Files (WebDav)' section of the manual should be made more clear... As they are, it looks like the need to add the "use_locks 0" to the davfs2 config file may depend on your particular setup and manifests via the 'Resource temporarily unavailable' error. In my case, I was getting an 'Input output error'. IMHO, the addition of the "use_locks 0" to the davfs config file should be marked as a plain requisite, rather than something to do only in case of 'resource temporarily unavailable' errors.

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