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The ownCloud core
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.idea Add newline that was removed by 15be763
3rdparty @ 685012c [3rdparty] bump symfony/console to 2.7.7
apps [tx-robot] updated from transifex
build Restructured FeatureContext to reuse some parts and run two servers i…
config Add support for Redis password auth
core [tx-robot] updated from transifex
l10n Merge pull request #19398 from owncloud/fix-tranifex
lib Merge pull request #20789 from owncloud/scanner-skip-not-available
ocs-provider Reference v2 in the provider list
ocs Combine OCS API getUser method code into provisioning_api app
resources/config Update certificate bundle
settings [tx-robot] updated from transifex
tests Merge pull request #20789 from owncloud/scanner-skip-not-available
themes update example theme favicon
.bowerrc ability to add bower resources
.gitignore added app "federation", allows you to connect ownClouds and exchange …
.gitmodules use https as submodule url
.htaccess Update .well-known redirects to the new dav endpoint
.jshintrc enable laxbreak option in jshintrc to comply with our coding guide lines
.mailmap Update .mailmap
.scrutinizer.yml Revert "Specify PHP 5.4 as version for scrutinizer"
.tag Add .tag file to make tar balls tracable
.travis.yml Use sqlite
.user.ini Also set output_buffering in .user.ini to 0
AUTHORS Update AUTHOR file Fix repo links in
COPYING-AGPL Really add AGPL file
COPYING-README correct icon license, we use Elementary icons, not Silk anymore Add coverity badge Don't attempt to run tests unless start file is successful Combine with Use a universal shebang
autotest.cmd Restore the development config after running the tests Use proper statement to retrieve the IP of an docker instance
bower.json Add evert's davclient.js + es6-promise + IE8 workaround Added OC.Files.Client Webdav-based files client
console.php update licence headers via script
cron.php Add debug log statement for IJobList steps in cron.php
db_structure.xml [Sharing 2.0] Add a new db column for the file owner
index.html Try to prefer index.php over index.html in the same directory
index.php update licence headers via script Add example command to the
occ Use a more universal shebang
public.php update licence headers via script
remote.php Consolidate webdav code - move all to one app
robots.txt Add robot.txt
status.php update licence headers via script
version.php [Sharing 2.0] Add a new db column for the file owner


ownCloud gives you freedom and control over your own data. A personal cloud which runs on your own server.

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