Simple HTTP API to expose some services from CUCM / AXL APIs
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The aim of this project is to provide a simple, technical HTTP API (with a JSON output) to expose some services from CUCM / AXL APIs.


  • List all phones associated to a directory number, get details on every phone (including speeddials configuration)
  • Update speeddials for a phone or for all phones associated with a directory number

Quick installation and running

Requires Java (version 6+) and Maven (version 2+).

Run mvn clean install at the root of the project. This will build a "fat" JAR (shaded JAR containing all its dependencies).

You can run the application by java -jar target/cucm-http-api-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar server src/main/resources/configuration.yml at the root of the project. (This assumes that you have set up your configuration file at src/main/resources/configuration.yml, see src/main/resources/configuration.yml.example for a sample configuration.)


Run mvn test at the root of the project.

AXL SOAP web services

The schema (WSDL) from the "AXL SQL toolkit" downloaded from the CUCM administration console has been put into this repository for convenience (in the folder cucm_schema), the consumer classes have been generated using the command wsimport -keep -b src/main/resources/cucm_schema/8.0/AXLSOAP.xsd -Xnocompile -s src/main/java -d bin -verbose src/main/resources/cucm_schema/8.0/AXLAPI.wsdl.


curl -u user:password "" (GET) gives information on the phone associated with this directory number (only one phone atm).

curl -u user:password -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST --data @data.json "" (POST) updates the speeddials information (e.g. data.json: [{"index": "2", "dirn": "13710"},{"index": "9", "dirn": "13710"}])