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A cassette-based debugger | The Other Debugger
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@run foo(): run foo() inside the debugger. When a breakpoint is hit, then you will be given an Iron REPL to work with-in, allowing you to view/manipulate the arguments. @enter foo() performs similarly, after immediately breaking on the first line.

Within this you can read (and write) variables,

  • Step-Next: to move to the next IR statement
  • Step-In: to debug in the next function call (assuming next is a function call)
  • Step-Out: to debug from the next statement the function that called the current function
  • Continue: proceed to next breakpoint
  • Abort: terminate running the debugger.


  • set_breakpoint!([function|method]): Set a breakpoint on call to the argument
  • set_breakpoint!(filename, line number): Set a breakpoint on the given line in the given function
  • set_uninstrumented!([function|module]): Disable debugging in the given function/module
    • Not having debugging enabled for modules/functions you do not need to debug massively speeds up the running of your program.
    • However, debugging is fully disabled for those modules/functions, so if those functions would then call functions you do want to debug (say by using map) then that will also not be caught by the debugger.
  • list_breakpoints(), list_uninstrumenteds(): list all the breakpoints/uninstrumenteds
  • rm_breakpoint!(arg...), rm_uninstrumented!(args...): remove breakpoints/uninstrumenteds. Takes same arguments as set_....
  • clear_breakpoints!(), clear_uninstrumenteds!(): remove all breakpoints/uninstrumenteds.


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