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OXO Solutions®

OXO Solutions® is registered trademark of OXO IT SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED


  1. aione aione Public

    Multipurpose All-in-One fastest Wordpress Theme developed for Darlic® Platform using AioneFramework, The 100 Column Grid system

    CSS 7 3

  2. aione-admin aione-admin Public

    Options Panel(WordPress Plugin) for Aione WordPress Theme initially developed for Darlic®

    PHP 2 1

  3. aione-app-builder aione-app-builder Public

    Aione Application Builder Wordpress Plugin

    PHP 3

  4. aione-slider aione-slider Public

    Aione Slider


  5. acf-gallery acf-gallery Public

    PHP 1 1

  6. acf-repeater acf-repeater Public

    PHP 1


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