Podsh is a podcast downloader written in Bash
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README - podsh

Podsh is a small podcast downloader that does things the way its benevolent dictator wants (me). I once looked around for a command line podcast client, but I could not find anything I liked. So I wrote my own. In bash.

It is designed to be robust, quick and easy to use, and with automation in mind. Add some feeds, and then run it periodically (either manually or even better, from cron), and you should be able to enjoy continuously updated podcast media files with minimal fuzz.

Summary of features:

  • Few dependencies (bash, curl, xsltproc) - easy installation.
  • Robust feed fetching and parsing, tracking of downloaded content, proper chronological ordering, sensible naming of downloaded files (audio or video) and expiry support.
  • Supports both RSS and Atom 1.0 feeds.
  • Easy configuration and feed subscription management. Self documenting (help, -h).
  • OPML file support (import, delete, export).
  • Suitable to set up as a cron job for periodic automatic updating of podcasts or interactive use.