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#require ::File.expand_path '../conf/boot', __FILE__
require './application'
# Development middlewares
if Printer::Application.env == 'development'
use AsyncRack::CommonLogger
# Enable code reloading on every request
use Rack::Reloader, 0
if Printer::Application.env == 'production'
use Rack::Cache,
:verbose => ENV['RACK_ENV'] == 'development',
:metastore => "file:#{Printer::Application.root}/tmp/cache/rack/meta",
:entitystore => "file:#{Printer::Application.root}/tmp/cache/rack/body"
# Serve assets from /public
# XXX not using a proxy to serve these is kinda bad y'know.
use Rack::Static,
:urls => ['/js', '/css'],
:root => Printer::Application.root(:public)
run Printer::Application.routes
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