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Verbum - Flexible Text Editor for React

Verbum is a fully flexible rich text editor based on lexical-playground and lexical framework.

⚠️ As the Lexical framework is currently in early development, this component library is also likely to change quite often


npm install verbum --save


Demo Live demo is coming soon...


import { FC } from 'react';
import {
} from 'verbum';

const NoteViewer: FC = () => {
  return (
      <Editor hashtagsEnabled={true}>
        <ToolbarPlugin defaultFontSize="20px">
          <FontFamilyDropdown />
          <FontSizeDropdown />
          <Divider />
          <BoldButton />
          <ItalicButton />
          <UnderlineButton />
          <CodeFormatButton />
          <InsertLinkButton />
          <TextColorPicker />
          <BackgroundColorPicker />
          <TextFormatDropdown />
          <Divider />
          <InsertDropdown enablePoll={true} />
          <Divider />
          <AlignDropdown />

export default NoteViewer;


<EditorComposer />

Property Type description
children ReactNode required Nested child component which is the Editor itself
initialEditorState InitialEditorStateType optional The initial state of the editor

<Editor />

Property Type description
children ReactNode optional Nested child components, like the ToolbarPlugin
hashtagsEnabled boolean optional Enables the automatic hashtag highlighting, default is false
autoLinkEnabled boolean optional Enables the automatic link highlighting, default is false
emojisEnabled boolean optional Replaces the emoji combiniations with its corresponding symbol, default is false
emojiPickerEnabled boolean optional Use : for search and paste emoji, default is false
actionsEnabled boolean optional Enables the actions toolbar, default is false
placeholder string optional The default content of the editor when it is first loaded
listMaxIndent number optional The maximum indent capacity of any listed element, the default is 7
isEditable boolean optional Enables read-only mode for the editor, default is false
initialEditorState string optional JSON string to initialize the initial content of the editor.
onChange (editorState: string, editorInstance?: LexicalEditor) => void optional Accessing the current editor state and the active editor instance
locale 'en', 'fr', 'ptBr', 'ru', null; optional Enables localization in the language of your choice, default is en. Available languages are en, fr, ptBr and ru

Automatic browser language detection Support

Verbum supports automatic browser language detection by default if locale not provided. If the browser language is set to fr, the editor will be automatically localized in French. If the browser language is set to en, the editor will be automatically localized in English. If the browser language is set to any other language, the editor will be automatically localized in English.


<ToolbarPlugin />

Property Type description
children React.ReactElement[] optional Nested child components, like the InsertDropdown
defaultFontSize string optional The default font size selected when the editor first loaded, default value is 15px
defaultFontColor string optional The default font color selected when the editor first loaded, default value is #000
defaultBgColor string optional The default text background color selected when the editor first loaded, default value is #fff
defaultFontFamily string optional The default font family selected when the editor first loaded, default value is Arial

Toolbar components

<FontFamilyDropdown />

Add your own font families.

Property Type description
fontOptions FontOptions = [string, string][] optional List of fonts

<FontSizeDropdown />

Add your own font sizes.

Property Type description
fontSizeOptions FontOptions = [string, string][] optional List of font sizes

<InsertDropdown />

Property Type description
enableTable boolean optional Enables table inserting feature
enableYoutube boolean optional Enables youtube video inserting feature
enableTwitter boolean optional Enables tweet inserting feature
enablePoll boolean optional Enables poll inserting feature
enableImage { enable: boolean; maxWidth: number }; optional Enables image inserting feature, set max width
enableEquations boolean optional Enables equation inserting feature
enableExcalidraw boolean optional Enables diagram inserting feature
enableHorizontalRule boolean optional Enables the horizontal rule inserting for layout
enableStickyNote boolean optional Enables stick note inserting for layout

<MentionsPlugin />

Property Type description
searchData SearchData<A> required Searching data using input string
getTypeaheadValues GetTypeaheadValues<A> required Search data transormation


Property Type description
url string required URL adress
value string required Mention menu option value
picture JSX.Element required Mention menu option picture
popoverCard PopoverCard<A> optional Displaying a popup card when hovering over a username


Property Type description
card (data: A) => JSX.Element required Popover card, depends on <A> type
offset OffsetCard required Card offset (left, top)

Plugins support

Plugin name Working Description Source
ActionsPlugin Action menu in the right bottom corner Editor.tsx
AutoLinkPlugin Auto highlight links Editor.tsx
CharacterStylesPopupPlugin Modal style editor for selected text Independent
ClickableLinkPlugin Enable to open links in new tab Independent
CodeHighlightPlugin Code Block with different languages Independent
CommentPlugin CharacterStylesPopupPlugin
EmojisPlugin A few emojis Editor.tsx
EmojiPickerPlugin Emoji picker (emoji-list.ts) Editor.tsx
EquationsPlugin ✂️ Katex, It's too heavy (cut out) InsertDropdown.tsx
ExcalidrawPlugin ✂️ Excalidraw (cut out) InsertDropdown.tsx
HorizontalRulePlugin Horizontal divider InsertDropdown.tsx
ImagesPlugin Insert file only (no URLs) InsertDropdown.tsx
KeywordsPlugin Independent
ListMaxIndentLevelPlugin Max Indent Level (bullet, numeric) Independent
MarkdownShortcutPlugin Convert into Markdown format ActionsPlugin
MentionsPlugin Mentions, starts with @ Independent
PollPlugin Poll, need test with many votes InsertDropdown.tsx
SpeechToTextPlugin Voice recognition to text ActionsPlugin
StickyPlugin Yellow sticker, there is a bug with text style InsertDropdown.tsx
TableActionMenuPlugin Create table InsertDropdown.tsx
TwitterPlugin Insert twits InsertDropdown.tsx
YouTubePlugin Insert YouTube videos InsertDropdown.tsx


For development use:

$ npm install (in case of an error, run `npm install --legacy-peer-deps`)
$ npm start

Also you can test it locally using Storybook:

$ npm run storybook

Future plans

  • Test coverage
  • Programmatic access to the editor input as JSON
  • Localization
  • Ready templates with different options (MUI, Bootstrap, etc...)
  • Dark/Light modes
  • Custom styling flexibility
  • Disassembling all of the toolbar to enable using them as nested components, increasing the flexibility
  • Enabling adjusting editor settings such read-only mode and etc. programmatically


Licensed under MIT License.