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OZEX_Lightpaper_English 1.0.pdf.pdf
OZEX_Lightpaper_Korean 1.0.pdf.pdf
OZEX_Onepaper_English 1.1.MD.jpg
OZEX_Onepaper_Korean 1.1.MD.jpg Add files via upload Jul 9, 2018
OZEX_Onepaper_Russian 1.1.MD.jpg
OZEX_Whitepaper_English 1.1.MD
OZEX_Whitepaper_French 1.1.MD
OZEX_Whitepaper_German 1.1.MD
OZEX_Whitepaper_Greek 1.1.MD
OZEX_Whitepaper_Indonesian 1.1.MD
OZEX_Whitepaper_Japanese 1.1.MD
OZEX_Whitepaper_Korean 1.1 .MD
OZEX_Whitepaper_Portuguese 1.1.MD Rename OZEX_Whitepaper_Portuges 1.1.MD to OZEX_Whitepaper_Portuguese … Jun 26, 2018
OZEX_Whitepaper_Russian 1.1.MD Create OZEX_Whitepaper_Russian 1.1.MD Jun 26, 2018
OZEX_Whitepaper_Turkish 1.1.MD
OZEX_Whitepaper_Vietnamese 1.1.MD