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The Elements of Computing Systems
Python Assembly
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The Elements of Computing Systems

nand2tetris course work


Compiler (.jack -> .vm)

usage: python Software/Compiler/ [options] source[.jack]
        sourceFile(s) may be file or directory.
        -m mutes status messages
        -x creates syntax analysis xml file

VM Translator (.vm -> .asm)

usage: python Software/VMTranslator/ [options] source[.vm]
        sourceFile(s) may be file or directory.
        -m mutes status messages
        -c writes vm commands as comments in .asm file
        -b doesn't generate bootstrap code
        -l creates source.debug with adjusted line numbers

Assembler (.asm -> .hack)

usage: python Software/ sourceFile[.asm]
        -m mutes status messages
        -p prints output to stdout


  • Add16(a= ,b= ,out= );
  • ALU(x= ,y= ,zx= ,nx= ,zy= ,ny= ,f= ,no= ,out= ,zr= ,ng= );
  • And16(a= ,b= ,out= );
  • And(a= ,b= ,out= );
  • ARegister(in= ,load= ,out= );
  • Bit(in= ,load= ,out= );
  • CPU(inM= ,instruction= ,reset= ,outM= ,writeM= ,addressM= ,pc= );
  • DFF(in= ,out= );
  • DMux4Way(in= ,sel= ,a= ,b= ,c= ,d= );
  • DMux8Way(in= ,sel= ,a= ,b= ,c= ,d= ,e= ,f= ,g= ,h= );
  • DMux(in= ,sel= ,a= ,b= );
  • DRegister(in= ,load= ,out= );
  • FullAdder(a= ,b= ,c= ,sum= ,carry= );
  • HalfAdder(a= ,b= ,sum= , carry= );
  • Inc16(in= ,out= );
  • Keyboard(out= );
  • Memory(in= ,load= ,address= ,out= );
  • Mux16(a= ,b= ,sel= ,out= );
  • Mux4Way16(a= ,b= ,c= ,d= ,sel= ,out= );
  • Mux8Way16(a= ,b= ,c= ,d= ,e= ,f= ,g= ,h= ,sel= ,out= );
  • Mux(a= ,b= ,sel= ,out= );
  • Nand(a= ,b= ,out= );
  • Not16(in= ,out= );
  • Not(in= ,out= );
  • Or16(a= ,b= ,out= );
  • Or(a= ,b= ,out= );
  • Or8Way(in= ,out= );
  • PC(in= ,load= ,inc= ,reset= ,out= );
  • RAM16K(in= ,load= ,address= ,out= );
  • RAM512(in= ,load= ,address= ,out= );
  • RAM4K(in= ,load= ,address= ,out= );
  • RAM64(in= ,load= ,address= ,out= );
  • RAM8(in= ,load= ,address= ,out= );
  • Register(in= ,load= ,out= );
  • ROM32K(address= ,out= );
  • Screen(in= ,load= ,address= ,out= );
  • Xor(a= ,b= ,out= );

Project 13

A list of all additions and modifications made outside the domain of the course.
  • Add modulus functionality to jack with Math.mod() and make the compiler properly interpret the % symbol
  • Add pseudo-random number generation to jack (via a linear congruential generator) with Math.seedRandom(), Math.rand(), and Math.randRange()
  • Add >=, <=, ~=, and == to the legal jack comparisons (the latter is equivalent to '=')
  • Add break statements for while loops
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