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==================== P2PU Development Environment

Easy setup:

  1. Download and install VirtualBox
  2. Download and install Vagrant
    • or alternatively run 'gem install vagrant' if you have a working ruby environment
  3. git clone
  4. cd to the project directory and type vagrant up


  • Host machine: Your computer that you are using now
  • VM / Guest Machine: The 'virtual machine' that is running inside vagrant. This is where the webserver lives.
  • Project Directory: The directory that you clone this project into.

How to Use:

  • vagrant resume to start the lernanta environment
  • vagrant suspend to shutdown the lernanta environment
  • You can access the server from localhost:8001 from your host machine
  • You can ssh to the server by typing vagrant ssh
  • The lernanta directory is shared between the vm and the host. Use your favorite editor to edit the code in this directory and it will be reflected inside the vm (Django will reload files automatically).
  • The lernanta directory is pulled from To update to the latest code, use git pull origin master.
  • If you need to execute a command on the command line, be sure to vagrant ssh into the VM first so it uses the VMs environment
  • More info here


  • vagrant ssh
  • tail -f /opt/lernanta/lernanta/webserver.log
  • There is a default admin user created username:adminuser and password:password123

Notes/ Requirements:

  • 1.8 GB of disk space (which will be taken up by the virtual machine that contains the dev environment)
  • With all dependencies, the installation will download about 1GB of data/files (Don't try this on a slow connection)


  • If there is a problem:
  • cd into the project directory
  • vagrant destroy
  • vagrant up
  • Local modifications to your code will stay in the lernanta folder.