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MANIFEST for vttest-20120603, version t20120603
MANIFEST this file
BUGS current bug-list
CHANGES record of changes I've made to vttest
COPYING copyright notice
README original version of vttest posted to comp.sources.unix, volume 7
aclocal.m4 local macros for autoconf script
charsets.c character-set tests
color.c color tests
config.guess configure utility script
config.hin template for config.h
config.sub configure utility script
configure generated autoconf script template for configure script
descrip.mms VAX MMS script for VTTEST
draw.c utilities for drawing boxes and their contents
draw.h interface of draw.c
esc.c escape-sequence formatting & I/O
esc.h interface of esc.c
install-sh install script, needed for configure
keyboard.c test keyboard functions
main.c main-program & most tests, for VTTEST template for makefile
mouse.c mouse tests for xterm
nonvt100.c non-VT100 tests
patchlev.h patch-level of VTTEST
printer.c test printer functions
reports.c test device-reports
reset.c test-functions for terminal-reset
setup.c modify test-parameters
sixel.c tests for soft characters (sixel)
status.c status-line tests
tech.set DEC technical set font definition from VT220 toolkit
tek4014.c tektronix tests
ttymodes.c module for changing tty modes
ttymodes.h interface of ttymodes.c
unix_io.c UNIX-specific I/O support
utf8.c convert to/from UTF-8
vms_io.c VMS I/O routines VMS DCL script for building VTTEST
vt220.c vt220 tests
vt320.c vt320 tests
vt420.c vt420 tests
vt52.c tests for VT52
vt520.c vt520-specific tests
vttest.1 manual-page for VTTEST
vttest.h renamed from header.h, common definitions of VTTEST
xterm.c tests for xterm and clones
package/debian subdirectory
package/debian/changelog build-script
package/debian/compat build-script
package/debian/control build-script
package/debian/copyright build-script
package/debian/docs build-script
package/debian/postinst build-script
package/debian/preinst build-script
package/debian/prerm build-script
package/debian/rules build-script
package/debian/source subdirectory
package/debian/source/format build-script
package/debian subdirectory
package/debian/watch build-script
package subdirectory
package/vttest.spec build-script